Harleywood Sprint Enduro

Big corn field tabletops?  Check.  Amazing dirt?  Check.  Gnarly trails?  Check.  The Harleywood Sprint Enduro had everything you could ask for.  The Cross test was fast and wide which suited me perfectly, and I was able to win it every time by a large margin.  I love the speeds you can carry in the grass track portions.  I feel like a road racer out there, working the angles to keep my momentum up as much as possible.

I lost some time on the Enduro test however, as its tight trees and slick roots weren't my strong point.  My wife said, "Go faster!  What's wrong in that test?"  I said, "I really am riding good!  They are just riding better!"  

It was a slugfest, but eventually I came out on top for the weekend with the lowest overall time.  I'm happy to get the win but I know I need to put in some work before the next one!  This one was too close for comfort.  

I want to say a huge thank you to all my amazing sponsors!  They've helped me build an awesome bike and I couldn't do this without each and every one of them.  On to the next!

To see photos from the event, go to the home page of SipesRacing.com and scroll down.


Ryan Sipes