Big Buck GNCC

The first GNCC of the year is always exciting.  The Big Buck this year offered great weather and a huge crowd cheering us on.  With our baby girl coming just a few weeks ago, I knew I hadn't been able to prepare like I wanted to, but I figured I would give it a shot.

I was actually pretty stoked on how I was riding given the circumstances of the past few weeks.  I started in 8th, worked my way up to 5th on the first lap, and stayed there til about halfway through the race.  I was comfortable at that pace.  Around halfway my bike started to bog when I got on the gas.  The biggest problem was, with how many times we were jumping over holes on this track, if it had bogged at the moment I tried to jump, it would have turned out bad.  I pulled into the pits and tried the only thing we could to fix it, but to no avail.  Husqvarna thinks we might have kinked a fuel line putting the fuel pump in.  I will get to the bottom of it this week and hopefully eliminate the problem.

I'm bummed at the result, but hey, things happen.  And I'm pretty happy that I was riding well and I'm not hurt!  Before the bike broke it was working really good, so huge thanks to all my sponsors for the help putting this program together and providing great parts for the bike.  We can be on the podium and fighting for the win at the next one, no doubt in my mind whatsoever.  I'll see you guys soon!!


Ryan Sipes