Unadilla GNCC

I was excited to get back from ISDE and back on my 350 for Unadilla.  The only problem was, six days of pounding the week before had made my left wrist really sore.  I stayed off it all week, hoping it would calm down, but I knew going into Sunday's race that I would have to be tough to get through it.  

I started about 4th and by the end of the first lap had worked my way into 1st.  I felt great battling for the lead.  The adrenaline was pumping for sure because my wrist felt great the first two laps, but by the third lap it was starting to bother.  At first I couldn't pull the clutch in, and soon after I couldn't hold on at all.  As much as I hate it, I had to pull in.  

I had the doctors look at it Monday, and they think it is tendonitis.  They said with all the surgeries and resulting scar tissue that I have in that wrist, I was at higher risk for tendonitis to happen.  I have started therapy and am already feeling better.  I'm hopeful that by our next race in two weeks, I'll be 100% and good to go.  I better be, cause I really want to win a race before the season is over!

Ryan Sipes